Wood Floor Cleaning

A wood floor that is well maintained looks fantastic, but one that has been neglected or has the wrong finishing coat can look like an absolute cheap disaster. Your wood floors are at least beautiful accents in your home and at most financial investments. While they may look tough and durable, they are also prone to a number of scratches, bangs, stains, and cracks. The correct cleaning and buffing regime will help secure your wood floor's integrity and ensure that they continue to look as prestigious as they did on their first day.

Hardwood Floor Cleaning Specialists

Every type of wood has its own properties and not every type of wood reacts in a similar way. Using a generic solution to clean your wood floors can often cause more damage than good and this damage runs the risk of being irreversible. The art of cleaning floors should be left to the professionals who know and understand the composition of wood and how the floors are made and assembled. For example, throwing water on a wooden floor will definitely damage it but, then again, so will many polishes that are available in the market place.

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The Service

Unfortunately, your wood floor might have received its first scratch or blemish within the first days of it being installed. It's no one's fault, that's the nature of wood floors. Our flooring specialists can remove any scratches and blemishes by sanding down the wood plane and evening out the surfaces. This can be done by hand or by instrument and only takes a few moments to carry out. The service ends with a specialized sealant that not only protect the current cleaning and buffing, but also helps prevent future scratches and stains.

Don't wait until its too late. Call us today to schedule your wood floor cleaning and buffing!

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